The clean and unpolluted air, warm climate and low humidity provide a healing environment that is like no other place in the world.


The oasis is home to hundreds of hot and cold mineral springs which have been used since Pharonic times for health and vitality. Different springs have different healing properties depending on their mineral content, many rich in magnesium (the relaxation mineral) and sulfur (the beauty mineral). There are also vast detoxifying salt lakes with similar medicinal properties to the dead sea.

The mud is also very special and we use it both internally and externally for health and detoxification. We can provide you with a mud and local herb mix which you can cover yourself with whilst you are visiting one the hot springs – the feeling afterwards is amazing!

Siwa is also famous for traditional sand baths. The sand in this region is extremely rich in the healing platinum group minerals, one of the reasons Siwa was an ancient center of alchemy and magic in Pharonic times.