Siwa has a long tradition of building homes from the natural local materials which the oasis offers, primarily mud, blocks of salt and palm wood.


Historically when a member of the tribe marries and needs a new house, everyone comes to help with the building, singing and enjoying the process of working together.

Living in a mud building has a completely different feel to other types of houses because of the organic and natural materials. The energy within the walls is incredibly therapeutic due to the salt. These buildings are not only beautiful but also practical, being warm in the winter and cool in the summer.



The old town of Shali is built on a small mountain and has stood as a fortress for hundreds of years. It has now been abandoned by the Amazigh people in favour of living closer to modern amenities.

Tours of the old town, its vast sprawl of mud buildings and winding alleys can be arranged for you if you wish to explore the ancient architecture of the oasis.

Whilst you are in Siwa you will stay in a traditionally built mud house or lodge, either in the desert, the gardens or the Siwa town.