The 'kitchen time' sessions and Naturopathic consultations are held here in our home and garden farm which is hidden within the vast palm forest of the oasis.


Most of the meals that you will enjoy during your stay are prepared in our garden farm kitchen and much of the food and ingredients are grown or produced by us or on land close by.

Our Kitchen
Our Home
Farm Animals

Our Farm


We keep goats, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits which are all pasture fed and organic, and spend their days foraging outside in the sunshine.  This gives us all the milk, eggs and meat we need.  We are introducing bees to the garden farm and our hives should be happily inhabited by summer 2016.

We grow herbs including aloes, moringa, basil, eucalyptus, rosemary and thyme to name just a few. We work to plant up more fruit trees in the oasis to add to the guava, mulberry, pomegranate, lemon, grape and fig which grow around us.  Most of our produce income comes from our olives and dates.

Our garden farm is watered by an ancient Pharonic spring where we bathe and wash during the summer months.


Made from the Earth, Inspired by Nature


The buildings in our garden farm (including our home) were hand made from local mud, salt and wood and the design was inspired by the sacred geometry of a cactus.  We have two large open wood fire places which heat the house during the cold desert winters and no trees were cut down in the process which means the shape of the buildings flow between the trees.

The water we use inside our kitchen and bathrooms comes directly from a natural spring at the top of the land, and the grey water we create is distributed to planted beds where we grow papyrus and sweet smelling herbs like basil and mint.

Our home is a vibrant and happy environment and our lives are deeply embedded within the community.  We work with the local Siwan people which means a typical day includes our farmers tending the land with children, ours and others, playing outside.