Food choices, preparation techniques and the culinary traditions of our ancestors play a pivotal role in health and vitality.


Chronic illness in industrialized nations has reached epic proportions as we have slowly separated ourselves from living and eating close to the earth.

Indigenous societies teach us the importance of eating locally grown, wild or un-hybridized foods as a way to physically synchronize with our environment, nourishing ourselves in a more sustainable and ecological way.

Siwa is a wonderful place to cleanse yourself with pure healing mineral water which flows directly from the heart of the earth – our number 1 nutrient!



Some of our core nutrition principles...

  • Unrefined wholefoods.
  • Wild or foraged foods where possible.
  • Locally grown, un-hybridized and truly organic where possible.
  • Activating seeds, nuts and grains through sprouting and fermentation.
  • Eating a mixture of raw and cooked foods depending on climate and constitution.
  • Drinking adequate water which is pure and alive, preferable freshly collected spring water.
  • Animal foods which have been raised naturally and free range, wild or grass fed.
  • Dairy which is raw, pasture-raised and/or fermented.
  • Daily consumption of herbs, supplements and superfoods according to constitution and lifestyle.
  • Taking time to eat consciously and with presence.