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Upon arrival we will settle you into your accommodation.  Your first evening will be spent in relaxation at a hot spring or a swim in the salt lake.   Throughout the week there will be educational food and kitchen time sessions with Camilla (on the 10 day program only), mineral rich healing treatments, enchanting trips in the dunes, traditional dinner and desert drumming and exploring the magical Siwa Oasis. 

Our Retreat Programmes

We offer a range of retreats designed to enhance your time with us here at the Oasis.  Under Camilla's care and guidance you will be immersed in natural wellbeing in a supportive and life enhancing setting.  

We have options to suit everyone from our tailored 10, 5 and 3 day retreat programmes.  

We take care of all your travel arrangements within Egypt including transfers to and from Cairo Airport / Cairo to Siwa.  You book your flights, we do the rest!

Choose your preferred duration:



Our Blog

Read what happens here in the Garden Farm, keeping you up to date on life in the Oasis.  

Food choices, preparation techniques and the culinary traditions of our ancestors play a pivotal role in health and vitality.


Chronic illness in industrialized nations has reached epic proportions as we have slowly separated ourselves from living and eating close to the earth.

Indigenous societies teach us the importance of eating locally grown, wild or un-hybridized foods as a way to physically synchronize with our environment, nourishing ourselves in a more sustainable and ecological way.

Siwa is a wonderful place to cleanse yourself with pure healing mineral water which flows directly from the heart of the earth – our number 1 nutrient!



Some of our core nutrition principles...

  • Unrefined wholefoods.
  • Wild or foraged foods where possible.
  • Locally grown, un-hybridized and truly organic where possible.
  • Activating seeds, nuts and grains through sprouting and fermentation.
  • Eating a mixture of raw and cooked foods depending on climate and constitution.
  • Drinking adequate water which is pure and alive, preferable freshly collected spring water.
  • Animal foods which have been raised naturally and free range, wild or grass fed.
  • Dairy which is raw, pasture-raised and/or fermented.
  • Daily consumption of herbs, supplements and superfoods according to constitution and lifestyle.
  • Taking time to eat consciously and with presence.

'Kitchen time' involves hanging out with me in the kitchen chatting about food, making food and eating food.


I believe that making the best food choices for oneself should be easy and effortless. Our sessions in the kitchen are laid back and fun, there are no books to clutter your mind with, just gaining a greater awareness of diet, nutrition and health through hands on experience. What we learn with joy, we never forget.



Example of some of the things we cover in our 'kitchen time' sessions.

  • Day 1 - Superfoods, herbs, tonics, smoothies, juices, detoxification, cleansing, hydration, dental health.
  • Day 2 - Animal foods, fats, proteins, digestion, bone broths, soups.
  • Day 3 - Salads, raw foods, dehydrated foods, fermented foods, yogurt, kombucha, kefir.
  • Day 4 - Sugar/ carbs, alternative sweeteners, raw chocolate, raw cakes, grain-free baking.
  • Day 5 - Proper preparation and use of grains, nuts, seeds, sprouting, sourdough bread.

During our time together we will cover lots of ground, including:

  • Adapting your diet to your environment, personal constitution and physical demands.
  • Supplements and specialist diets.

  • Cleansing and detoxification.

  • Addressing your own personal health challenges.

  • Kitchen equipment.

During your 10 day retreat program you will have the opportunity to take part in 5 mornings of 'kitchen time' with me as well as a Naturopathic and Nutritional assessment of your own unique constitution.


During this time in the kitchen you will sample real foods and help make lunch which is usually the main meal of the day.  Everything you eat here will nurture and love your body, leaving you feeling fantastic.

Some of the meals are based on organic meats from our garden farm and some are based on locally grown vegetarian and raw foods.  Let me know if you have any food preference or special diet (raw food, grain free, vegan, gluten free etc.) before you arrive and we can discuss how to cater for that.

Breakfast and dinner is usually left for you in your accommodation where you help yourself.

Supporting your Digestive System

I work on the principle of one good meal during the day and light, nourishing wholefoods, juices and superfood smoothies for the rest of the time.  This helps to give your digestive system a break and cleanse using powerful plant based ingredients whilst still grounding yourself with a daily nutritious wholefood meal.

There are three meals outside in the desert during the 10 day program which count as the main meal of the day.


Breakfast / Dinner
(help yourself)

  • Local fruits - dates, guava, mulberry, fig, lemon, orange, grape, watermelon, cantaloupe melon. 
  • Goat or buffalo grass-fed raw yoghurt with local raw honey
  • Farm eggs and sourdough ancient grain bread - kamut, spelt, einkorn, chestnut, cassava.
  • Olives, olive oil, butter.
  • Superfood smoothies made with sprouted nut milks or raw unpasteurized organic goats milk.
  • Vegetable juices, kombucha, kefir.

(usually our main meal of the day)

  • Meats - organic grass-fed and free range from our farm, traditionally cooked in the sand and/or smoked with olive wood - goat, rabbit, chicken, duck, lamb, camel etc.
  • Salads, organic vegetables and dips.
  • Vegetarian - rocket and herb salad, goats cheese and spinach pancakes, Spanish omelette, avocado and sprouted hummus dips, sprouted quinoa salad, grilled vegetables, flax seed crackers, sourdough breads, fresh vegetable juices, fresh olives and olive oil.



Raw chocolate, raw vegan cheesecake, healthy grain free cookies and biscuits etc.


*Please bear in mind that these are only examples of the foods you will enjoy during your stay. As meals are prepared fresh and local, they are subject to change depending on seasonal availability.