Camilla, we spoke about how adding titles and descriptions is good practice for search visibility.  But also you can make use of them another way. 

Now that you have named your images etc I can show you the Summary Block feature.

A Summary Block can be linked to any of your galleries - this is the Garden Farm Gallery - the same Gallery we inserted into your page, and in the Blog, just like we've done with the others.

Throughout your site we used both the Gallery Block and Summary Block based on what we wanted to achieve.

(keep scrolling for more details)  

As you can see, all the titles and descriptions you added show.  I will explain the difference between a Gallery Block and a Summary Block. 


A Gallery Block 

  • features every single image you have in an album, image only, no text.  If you have 60 in an album it will display all 60.
  • you can display in Grid Style (like we have throughout your site), or Slideshow, or Carousel, or Wall (mosaic). Up to you!

A Summary Block is more versatile with the option to display:

  • choose how many photos you want to display - from  1 to 20 images max
  • Feature Image Title, Excerpt (description) and date
  •  change the Title Font Size from small, medium or large
  • choose left - middle - or right Pagination of Title and Excerpt.
  • you also have the same set of display styles open to you as the Gallery - grid, slideshow, carousel, etc etc 

To change features of a Summary Block here are the instructions.  We will use the actual Summary Block above for the excersize!

In your Editor, go to - PAGES
Click on Test Page (this page) in your NOT LINKED section
Move your mouse ONTO this actual page and you'll see the BLACK BAR.  
Click EDIT
Hover your mouse on the gallery pictures and you will see another BLACK BAR saying SUMMARY /  EDIT.   
Click on Edit

This will take you into the Summary Block Editor.  Have a play around.   You can't go wrong.  Nothing you do will affect your website!  Just have a go at selecting, deselecting, changing options - that is the way you will learn for later.   SS display Title / Excerpt / Date - as the default which you can see on the block above.   'deselect or select' any of those options within the Summary Block Editor, to display whatever you would prefer.

Should you end up writing a new blog on How to Make Kefir for example - and want to feature photos of the Kefir making process you can create a Gallery Album.   Once this is done, you can   insert a Gallery Block or Summary Block to your blog post, linking to this album.  Alternatively you can upload one single photo at a time onto the page straight from your computer - no need for an album.

To create a new Gallery Album go to your Editor - PAGES.  
In the NOT LINKED section there will be a + sign.  Click on that, and you will see many options.  For a new Gallery just click GALLERY.   Start uploading.  

To insert text or a block, or any feature into a blog - SS will prompt - hover the mouse on your page and you will see a grey dot  - click and a selection appears.  From this selection you will choose what you wish to insert.  Easier when you actually see it for yourself,  rather than read this alone.

Should you wish to create a new BLOG post, go to Editor - PAGES.   Click on your BLOG page name (not the wheel) - it will take you into all your Blogs.  Follow the  instructions to create a new one.  You can choose to save as a draft, and when you are ready, choose to Publish.

I hope this helps.   Normally ongoing tutorials aren't inclusive of the initial web build, design and set up fee.    So, do check all Squarespace tutorials, they are a great resource to understand how to manage your future website content.   have fun creating!